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“The opposite of poverty is not wealth. It’s justice” - Bryan Stevenson

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

― Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from the Birmingham Jail

Social Development intervention aims to achieve a) Social inclusion and vulnerability reduction, b) Gender equity and Justice, c) Participation, Transparency and Accountability d) Rights and entitlements. Social Development helps in reaching out to unreached and to address the cross-cutting social issues in the entire state. It helps the whole programme to be engaged with the most vulnerable sections of the rural society which is the core objective of DAY-NRLM. This domains’ engagement at the grass root level also provides the equity aspect to the programme in terms of gender equity, socioeconomic equity and other equities. At one end, it helps and capacitates the community to raise the demand for their rights and entitlements from not only DAY-NRLM but also from various other service providers and line departments.

Garima Project

A special project, to make Jharkhand free from Witch Hunting and Witch Branding practices, approved by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India. It is a 3-year project of total 15 crore. It would be implemented in 2068 Villages of 342 GPs of 25 Blocks of 7 Districts of the state.

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The elderly require a platform beyond savings and credit to perform the solidarity functions, meet their other requirements of health and social support and prepare themselves for the forthcoming years in dignity and joy.

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Shram Samman

A 3-year project approved by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, being implemented in 11 districts of 33 blocks targeting directly around 50,000 returned migrant families and 2.05 indirect beneficiaries for reducing vulnerability of such Returnee Rural migrant families of Jharkhand in Covid-19 crisis, through Socio economic assistance.

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In order to achieve the ultimate objective of DAY-NRLM to eradicate absolute poverty it is important to work closely with not only economically poorest of the poor but also with the people who are suffering from different kinds of vulnerability such as PVTGs, Survivors of Violence, etc.

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The social development believes that gender discrimination is all about the widespread thought that one gender carries about the other gender. If men think that women are inferior or if women think that men are superior or both of them think that transgender are inferior to them then JSLPS works against these thought.

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The domain follows the principles of participation and transparency in all its interventions.It encourages the participation of women in Gram Sabha.In the VRPE exercise, the team interact with basically 5 Village/panchayat level service providers and institutions, Health Sub Centre

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CLF, VO and SHG members are regularly trained by State Master Trainers (SMTs), Block Resource Person (BRP-SD) and Badlao Didi respectively on the social security schemes of the central and state government. Entitlement tracking register is maintained at the VO level of all the SHG members and other vulnerable families

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Broad Objectives

Social Development domain of Jharkhand SRLM visualises to achieve the following:

1. Identify most vulnerable families which will be the most targeted families under DAY-NRLM. Major focus being as to facilitate such vulnerable families to come out from their poverty condition by adopting VRPE process.

2. To capture the entitlement status of each vulnerable member of SHGs, formed under DAY-NRLM and to facilitate to get their entitlement.

3. To reach out to all those women and men who have been branded as ‘witch’ by their society.

4. The domain also intends to work on the issue of Child Protection and prepare rural women to take care of their children against evils like trafficking, child marriage, early pregnancy and malnourishment

5. To establish a proper entitlement and grievance dashboard system.

Major Activities

The above objectives would be made possible through following set of activities:

1. Witch Hunting Prevention Campaign: Eradicating the malpractices of Witch hunting and its branding

2. Vulnerability Reduction Planning Exercise (VRPE) Cum Entitlement Drive: This includes Social Mapping, Entitlement status, Vulnerability Mapping, SECC verification, Institutional survey, Village level Problem pair matrix, individual VRPE and Village level VRPE.

3. Comprehensive development of PVTGs: major focus on rights & entitlement, livelihood promotion and addressing the issues on health, nutrition, education, etc of PVTG households.

4. Elderly Inclusion: Social Development domain engaged for the development of the elderly persons by focusing on their inclusion into SHG fold through the partnership with HelpAge India. Special drives for them to access their rights & entitlement, livelihood planning and addressing their basic health issues.

5. Anti-Human Trafficking: Build capacity of the Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to prevent trafficking, to protect the survivor/victims and to prosecute the trafficker.

6. Mainstreaming Gender: Establishment of community based Badlao Forum which would consist of the Badlao Didis the change makers at village level, members of SAC of VO, PRI members, Front line workers like ANM, AWW, Sahiya, etc. It would raise prevention and addressing the malpractices and other social issues.

7. Reducing vulnerability of Returnee Rural migrant families of Jharkhand in Covid-19 crisis, through Socio economic assistance: Reconnect the returnee migrant families with lost livelihoods; help access local employment; help them get benefits of social protection and health care services; and a platform to address their genuine grievances.